10 Best Cool Art Ideas for Beginners

Take a look at these cool art ideas for beginners:


Geometric Art

For a modern result, try geometric art. You’ll only need masking tape, paint, and canvas. Cover about half the surface area of your canvas with long strips of masking tape, placed overlapping and at different angles. Then, paint the areas of your canvas that show through, each a different color. After your paint dries, remove the tape and your result will be an interesting collection of random, geometric shapes.


Nature Art


Another option for beginners is to use objects from nature to create art. Leaves with distinct veins are perfect for use as stamps. Lightly cover your leaf with paint, and press onto your paper or canvas, creating a fossil-like result. Apply as few or as many stamps as you like. Flowers and grasses also make great stamps; whichever you have available.

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“Inkblot” Art


Some of the most interesting works of art are produced using an “inkblot” technique. For inkblot art, you’ll need paper rather than canvas, because you must be able to fold it in half. Drizzle small amounts of paint in random patterns onto your paper. Then fold your paper in half either vertically or horizontally. The insides of your paper should touch so that painted areas transfer paint onto unpainted areas. Unfold, and your unique inkblot art will appear.


Splatter Art


Splatter art is just what it sounds like. Dip a paintbrush into the paint, and from about 6 inches away, flick your wrist toward your canvas while holding your paintbrush. If you get large blobs, consider thinning your paint, and you will get more “splatters.” Experiment with different colors and angles for a more festive result.


String Art


Even someone who claims to have no artistic skill can create display-worthy string art. Start with a piece of wood, any size or shape. It must be at least half an inch thick. Hammer small, flat-head nails into your wood in whatever pattern or shape you desire. The nails should go about halfway into the wood. Then, tie yarn to one of the nails, and randomly weave the yarn around all the other nails until you are happy with your design.


Crayon Drip Art


While crayon drip art does involve a flame, the process itself is easy. First, find a way to prop your canvas up vertically or almost vertically. Then, select the crayon colors you want to melt. Hold a crayon above your canvas, just barely resting over the top edge. Apply a flame from a camping lighter to the crayon’s tip until crayon wax drips down your canvas. Colorful melted drips can result in an attention-grabbing, abstract work of art.


Balloon Collage Art


Colorful bags of balloons can be found at your local dollar store. Using sharp scissors, randomly slice up several balloons. You’ll find when you unfold your chopped-up balloons, that they are a variety of unique shapes. Position the shapes onto your canvas in a pattern, or randomly, and simply glue them down. Balloon collage art can add a bright “pop” of color, and is especially suitable for hanging in a child’s room.


Doily Art


While you’re at the dollar store getting balloons for your balloon collage, be sure to grab some paper doilies for this next project. Lay a few doilies in random spots on your canvas. Thinly coat a flat sponge with paint, and while holding down each doily, gently tap the sponge over the doily’s small holes, so the color reaches your canvas. Use as many colors as you like. Once your paint is dry, lift your doilies and your design is revealed.


Pour Art


Pour art creates mesmerizing swirl designs. “High-flow” paints are ideal for pour art, as standard paints may be too thick. Start with a pancake-sized circle of one color in the middle of your canvas. Next, pour a slightly smaller circle of white paint atop your first color. Add another color inside your white circle. Continue with another white circle and another color if you wish. Then, gently tilt your canvas slowly in each direction until the colors magically swirl together.


Mixed Media


Mixed media is great for beginners and can really get creative juices flowing. Mixed media simply means combining two or more different techniques on the same canvas. For example, perhaps create geometric art on a piece of wood, and then hammer in nails along the shapes you’ve created and make a string art piece with a modern feel. Or, you could even add blue crayon drip art to your nature art project and call it rain!


Now it’s your turn. Become the artist you never knew you were!